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How to set rack track studio - tips and tricks

March 12, 2015

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As home studios evolve into their maturity, they begin the inevitable process of phasing-out their budget desktop gear.

In favor of the pricier, but generally higher-quality rackmounted gear, commonly seen in pro studios. However, assembling your first rack is often long and complicated and filled with a ton of questions that need answers.


To help you through the process, in today’s post, we’ve assembled this simple guide for you to follow, once you’ve decided that you’re ready to tackle this important upgrade to your studio.


Let’s begin.  First up…

When building their first rack…the biggest challenge beginners face is that they have no idea what actually goes inside a rack.

For a basic home studio rig, there are 5 key items you’ll likely need.


They are:

a multi-channel mic preamp

a power conditioner

a headphone amp

a monitor management system

an audio interface

By : Juan Muntaner

Music passionate, his career on mixing and mastering has brought him to one of the best music studios in the world. Feel free to contact him at john@barcelonamusicstudio.com



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How to set rack track studio - tips and tricks.

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